University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), formed in 1982, is a public university. It is ranked as one of the top 50 research-funded universities in the United States. UIC perhaps best known for its College of Medicine, which is the largest in the entire US; educating one out of six med students in the state of Illinois.

UIC enables better access to quality education to working adults and other student learners who need more flexibility than a standard classroom education can offer through UIC Online. Currently, UIC Online offers fully online programs in the fields of Applied Health Sciences, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Urban Planning and Public Affairs, Public Health, Social Work and External Education. This includes certificate programs, bachelor’s degree programs, Master’s degree programs, and even a PhD program.

Students who are not interested in enrolling to a full-time online program but wish to continue their professional and personal development have the option of just take one or more online classes. Students have a wide range of choices with more than 300 online courses to choose from. Blended learning programs are also available for students who wish to take advantage of what classroom learning and online learning has to offer.

Applicants to online degree programs are required to contact UIC’s Admissions Office for formal admissions to the program of their choice. Admitted students can automatically sign up for online courses via the UIC Online website. Applicants to non-credit online programs do not have to be formally admitted to UIC and can just submit the basic application requirements, including personal data and the application fee. Note though that admission requirements vary per program.

Tuition is listed at $469 per credit hour for online undergraduate degree programs and is $725 per credit hour for online graduate degree programs. Financial aid is available in the form of Federal and Veteran Aid.