Western Governors University (WGU) is a fully accredited online university that, as the name suggests, was founded by governors of 19 US states. The main thrust of WGU is to make education more accessible to adult learners to help them achieve their educational and professional goals. WGU is nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). It also has specialized accreditation from the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Commission for Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

WGU’s online programs are administered by its four online colleges: the Online Teachers College, Online College of Business, Online College of Information Technology, and Online College of Health Professions. The Online Teachers College currently has the most course offerings, although all of the four colleges offer both online undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

General admissions requirements to WGU include submission of a completed application form, high school diploma or GED certificate, official transcripts of all prior academic work in colleges and universities (if applicable), and an intake interview with a WGU enrollment counselor. Additional admissions requirements may be needed, depending on the program you are interested in.

Unlike most universities, which quote tuition rates at per credit, tuition at WGU is assessed at a flat rate every six-months. The basic tuition for most programs at WGU is at a very affordable $2,890 per per six-month term. Check with WGU for specific program tuition since some of the programs’ tuition is slightly higher than this.

Financial aid is available to students of WGU in the form of Federal aid (loans and grants) and state grants.