Pennsylvania College of Art & Design is a private, non-profit , professional art college located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1982 in Marietta, Pennsylvania as the Pennsylvania School of the Arts by faculty members of the then newly closed York Academy of Arts, the school moved to Lancaster in 1987. Since July 1, 2003, the school has been operating under its current name of Pennsylvania College of Art & Design.

Pennsylvania College of Art & Design received permission from the Pennsylvania Department of Education to grant four-year college courses in the year 2000. Today, the college offers a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program for young, aspiring artists. This program is available in four majors; namely, fine arts, graphic design, illustration and photography. Professional programs in digital photography, Print – Digital Design Series, Web-Digital Design Series, mural painting, and home interior studies are also offered. Maintaining small classes to insure a one-on-one interaction between students and the faculty, the college’s unique and innovative curriculum inspires and challenges students to discover their inherent creativity and affirm their passion for a future in the visual arts.

Cost of tuition for the college’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program for fulltime students is US$16,500 per year. Part-time students pay a cost of tuition of US$688 per credit. In addition, there are general fees charged at a rate of US$780 per year for fulltime students and US$300 per semester for part-time students. General fees are used for educational, cultural and school-sponsored activities and lab costs. Financial aid is extended in the form of loans, grants, scholarships and work study programs to help students pay for their cost of attendance.

On-campus housing is not available although the college can recommend appropriate places for student residence.