Philadelphia University, formerly known as Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science, is a private institute of higher education located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1884 by textile manufacturers who wanted to improve the quality of American textile products, it was initially called the Philadelphia Textile School. In 1941, the school changed its name to Philadelphia Textile Institute and in 1961, to Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. With the granting of full university status in 1999, the college changed its name to Philadelphia University.

Today, the university offers a wide-range of degree programs in various areas of study. Academically, the university is divided into the six schools of Architecture, Business Administration, Design and Media, Engineering & Textiles, Liberal Arts, and Science & Health.

Cost of tuition and fees for academic year 2009-2010 for fulltime, undergraduate students is US$27,428 per year and for part-time students, US$886 per credit hour. For those pursuing a graduate degree, cost of tuition is US$806 per credit hour except for Instructional Technology which is US$564 per credit hour; Midwifery, US$668 per credit hour; or Physician Assistant, US$10,536 per semester. For evening, summer or off-campus tuition, the rate is US$486 per credit hour. Students who want to live on campus will have to pay additional costs for room and board. Room rates may vary depending on the type of facility chosen and may range from US$4,540 for a residential hall suite to US$6,646 for apartment-type dwellings. Cost of meals may vary according to the meal plan selected and may range from US$1,736 to US$4,812. Other fees may be applied depending on the degree program chosen. Financial aid in the form of loans, grants and scholarships is extended to help students pay for their cost of attendance.

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