The Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, also known as Poly or La Poly, is a private, non-profit, coeducational and non-sectarian learning institution with its main campus located in the financial district of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Founded in 1966, it houses the largest private Engineering School in Puerto Rico and the only one in San Juan.

The university offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. It grants Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Land Surveying and Mapping and Computer Science; Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in: Accounting, Construction Management, General Management and Marketing as well as a Bachelor in Architecture degree.

For its graduate degree program, it offers Master of Science, Master of Engineering, and Master of Business Administration in a variety of specializations.

To accommodate students who, for some reason or another, cannot attend the regular day on-site classes, the university offers an online learning program. It also has a Continuing Education program whereby it offers short-term, non-credit seminars, conferences, symposiums, workshops, and courses of a technological nature.

Cost of tuition per credit hour for undergraduate students of the university is US$175 for Engineering; US$165 for Business Administration and for General Course; and US$180 for Architecture. Aside from tuition, there are general fees charged per semester. Financial aid in the form of loans, grants, scholarships and work-study programs is extended by the university to its students to help them pay for their cost of tuition.

On-campus housing is not available to the students of the university.

For more information on admissions, college majors, degrees offered, online programs, athletics, school rankings, tuition, scholarships and financial aid options, please contact the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.