Our Lady of the Lake University is an independent, Catholic, coeducational institution of higher education located in San Antonio, Texas. Founded in 1895 by the Congregation of Divine Providence, the university offers Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees in a wide range of study and is academically divided into four schools and colleges; namely, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business and Leadership, School of Professional Studies, and Worden School of Social Service. The university also has online undergraduate and graduate degree programs for students who, for some reason or another, cannot attend regular day classes.

Today, there are over 2,660 students enrolled at the university ably mentored by fulltime faculty members, 73% of whom are holding the highest degree possible in their chosen fields. The student to faculty ratio is 10 to 1.

Cost of tuition for fulltime undergraduate students taking on 12 to 19 hours of credit is US$10,700 per semester; for part-time undergraduates, US$690 per hour; for Master’s degree students, US$700 per hour; and for doctoral students, US$800 per hour. In addition to tuition costs, there are also mandatory fees that vary depending on the course taken. Students who want to avail themselves of on-campus housing will be charged an additional cost for room and board depending on the type of room chosen and on the meal plan selected. Room rates per semester range in cost from US$1,679 to US$2,423; while meal plans per semester can cost anywhere from US$973.13 to US$1,432.66. To help defray cost of attendance, the university extends financial aid in the form of loans, grants and scholarships to the students.

On-campus housing is available for students who want to avail of the facility.

For more information on admissions, college majors, degrees offered, online programs, athletics, school rankings, tuition, scholarships and financial aid options, please contact Our Lady of the Lake University.