Paul Quinn College is a private, historically black college located in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1872 in Austin, Texas, the college is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church and was named in honor of William Paul Quinn, the fourth bishop of AME Church. It moved to its current location in Dallas in 1990.

As stated in its website, the mission of Paul Quinn College is “to provide a quality, faith-based education that addresses the academic, social, and Christian development of students and prepares them to be servant leaders and agents of change in their communities.”

Paul Quinn College offers degree programs in biology, computer science, legal studies, business administration, interdisciplinary studies, and physical education. Its educational departments and programs are organized into General Education Core, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Business, and Department of Education.

Cost of tuition and fees for academic year 2009-2010 is US$17,500 for on-campus or resident students. This includes cost of full-year tuition and fees of US$16,700 plus estimated cost of books at US$800. Cost of attendance for off-campus or non-resident students as well as part-time students is US$13,200 per year broken down into total year’s cost of tuition and fees at US$12,400 and estimated cost of books at US$800. Per credit hour computation of tuition cost is US$360.67. The college is extending financial aid in the form of loans, grants and scholarships to qualified students to help them pay for their cost of attendance.

On-campus housing is available to students of Paul Quinn College.

For more information on admissions, college majors, degrees offered, online programs, athletics, school rankings, tuition, scholarships and financial aid options, please contact Paul Quinn College.