Saint Michael’s College is a private, residential, Catholic liberal arts college located in two campuses – its main campus in Colchester, Vermont, and its branch campus one mile away known as the North Campus. The college was founded in 1904 by a French order of Catholic priests known as the Society of Saint Edmund who fled to the United States in 1889 following the widespread anti-clericism in France.

Saint Michael’s College traces its beginnings to the establishment of the all-boys Saint Michael’s Institute in 1904. It was in 1970 that the college became coeducational as a result of its steady expansion both in curriculum and in number of students.

Today, the college offers undergraduate programs in over 29 major fields of study combined with a liberal arts core curriculum. It also has five Master’s degree programs in Administration and Management, Clinical Psychology, Education, Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language and Theology and Pastoral Ministry. Three post-master’s certificates and Vermont teacher licensure programs are also offered.

Cost of attendance for academic year 2010-2011 for fulltime, academic students is US$43,530. This includes direct costs like full-year tuition, room and board and some of the required fees. It does not include indirect costs like books and supplies and personal and travel expenses. These indirect costs are estimated at US$1,200 per year in addition to the total direct costs. For graduate students, cost of tuition per credit hour for summer 2010 is US$510 and for fall 2010-spring 2011, US$530. Other fees may be charged as required like the diploma fee for graduating students and the transfer fee. To ensure that students are able to pay for their cost of attendance, financial aid is extended to them via loans, grants and scholarships.

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