Regent University is a private, coeducational Christian university located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Founded in 1978 by the televangelist Pat Robertson as the Christian Broadcasting Network University, Regent offers associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in various courses of study. Apart from its traditional onsite classes, the university also makes available online instructions for students who may not have the time to attend regular day classes. Regent’s online education program is, in fact, ranked among the seven top online schools in the world.

With a wide range of majors available for both undergraduate and graduate students, including business, law, communications and marketing, graduate students of the university are free to choose their school of interest from among the following academic divisions: (1) School of Communication & the Arts; (2) School of Divinity; (3) School of Education; School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship; (4) Robertson School of Government, (4) School of Law; and School of Psychology & Counseling

For academic year 2009-2010, cost of tuition and fees at Regent University per credit hour is US$465 for regular fulltime, undergraduate students. Those taking up specialized majors like Animation, Journalism, Theater Arts & Cinema-Television pay cost of tuition and fees of US$660 per credit hour plus a US$45 per-credit professional fee. Financial aid is extended by the university in the form of loans, grants, scholarships and work-study arrangements,

In keeping with its belief that making students live together in one community is a form of training for them in dealing with people in the real world, the university offers on-campus housing to students who may want to avail of them.