A horticultural specialty farmer is a type of farmer who specializes in horticultural products – these can include vegetables and fruits, as well as flowers for decorative purposes. In most cases, a horticultural specialty farmer will choose to focus on one particular type of produce, such as either flowers or vegetables, or a particular type of flowers. In some rare cases, a horticultural specialty farmer will have a more general specialization, working with different types of cultures on a regular basis. Their duties include the standard activities for plant growers, such as planting the seeds and taking care of the plants during their growth.

The job of a horticultural specialty farmer normally doesn’t hold any educational requirements, though having completed a school related to horticulture or agriculture can be very beneficial for those looking to get employed as workers at farms (as opposed to running their own farms, something which is more common for the later stages of a horticultural specialty farmer’s life).

Farmers of horticultural specialty products tend to earn rather little, especially in recent times. The annual salary for the position is about $23,000, at least when taking into consideration those who work as workers on other people’s farms. For farmers who own the farms they work on, the number could be noticeably higher, though it can also be lower if the farm doesn’t produce up to its expectations (and in this case the farmer doesn’t have a guaranteed income as in the case where they work for someone).