Wheat farmers are among the most common types of farmers worldwide, as the production of wheat is a vital part of the general food production of the world. Wheat farmers work either at their own farms, or on those owned by other farmers, where they work the land, prepare it for the seeds, plant them and then harvest the crops when the time arises. Wheat farmers typically have many other duties attached to their jobs as well, such as transporting the wheat to the farm’s clients or even processing it to some degree.

To work as a wheat farmer, one mostly needs experience – general working knowledge of a farm operation, as well as intricate knowledge of the specifics of the farm they are going to work at. Typically, wheat farmers are initially hired on probation periods, in order to determine their eligibility for the job, and it’s not uncommon for a wheat farmer to have to undergo additional education before being allowed to actually work on the farm in the end.

The job of a wheat farmer earns a varied income, which depends on several factors – the size of the farm, the type of employment (e.g. is the farmer employed on the farm or do they run it personally), as well as various other factors such as the production size. In general, wheat farmers can earn between $20,000 – $51,000, though the salary can go significantly higher if the appropriate conditions are met and the farmer is skilled enough. Good wheat farmers are able to find further employment very easily.