A dancer is someone who specializes in dancing, either as an art (expressing themselves), or competitively as a sport – though the general term “dancer” more commonly refers to the first type. Dancers can work at a variety of locations, from bars and night clubs to professional establishments with more refined crowds – or they may work on a touring basis, roaming from stage to stage with their performances. Generally, well-established and popular dancers tend to work on their own accord, without establishing in a certain location.

Becoming a dancer isn’t easy, and requires lots of dedication and persistence. There are various dancing schools that teach the different styles available, though most successful dancers usually display interest in the art from an early age, performing at their schools, etc. There are plenty of cases of “late bloomers” though – dancers who’ve taken up the activity rather late in their lives yet still struck success. Physical fitness is an absolute must for good dancers, as well as endurance and concentration.

A dancer’s salary can vary greatly depending on their type of employment and their dance style, and ballet dancers are among the highest paid professional dancers. Generally, the annual earnings for beginners are between $25,000 – $40,000, while more experienced dancers tend to earn between $60,000 – $75,000. In cases of permanent employment at a specific location, the salary may be higher if performances are more frequent. The dancer’s experience plays a direct role in influencing their salary, and those with a few years behind their back can generally earn better than most.