The title of a filmmaker can refer to various positions within the film industry, but it’s most commonly associated with the job of a producer or director. The filmmaker is one of the primary entities responsible for the creation of the movie, either through their creative force or by providing funding and technical assistance. The job can be a highly demanding one due to the delicate nature of the movie industry and the fact that it’s very easy for a large-scale investment to go to waste if the production ends up being a box office failure. Filmmakers normally progress to their jobs after having worked for several years within the industry in another position.

Becoming a filmmaker demands very little in educational terms, as many of the successful filmmakers of today have found their fame without having attended a formal school for filmmaking. On the other hand, having a degree in a related subject can greatly affect one’s chances of getting hired in a production, which will dramatically boost their potential for future development, as prior working experience is one of the major deciding factors behind a filmmaker’s ability to get hired.
Defining the salary for a filmmaker isn’t easy due to the nature of the job and the film industry as a whole. It’s largely dependent on the filmmaker’s success, and successful filmmakers are able to secure huge sums over several years, up to several million. On the other hand, moderately successful independent filmmakers rarely see more than $50,000 a year from their productions.