Graphic designers are people who work with visual arts professionally, providing high-grade assets to companies or individuals who need them. The job can involve using a variety of methods to produce the art, from painting, to sculpting and using digital forms of art. Graphic designers in modern times are commonly hired to develop websites, interfaces for computer programs, as well as assets for magazines and newspapers. The job can be performed either on a contract basis or as a freelancer, with the latter option becoming increasingly popular in recent times.

To become a graphic designer, one must own a respectably large portfolio with enough work packed into it, in order to be able to easily demonstrate value to a potential employer. The portfolio should be presented in an artistic way which can be used to display the artist’s creativity and approach to design in general. Going through a higher educational course related to the subject isn’t often a requirement, as experience is what’s valued most and sought after by potential employers. The market can be very competitive, especially on the freelance side.

The salary of a graphic designer can be very variable, and is affected by a number of factors. On average, graphic designers can earn between $40,000 and $58,000, though the more experienced ones that can show better work on a regular basis are usually able to secure noticeably higher salaries for themselves. It’s not rare for well-known graphic designers to be highly requested and to receive good offers.