Models are people who perform for various fashion shows or magazines, mostly to show off their bodies or the products of a designer’s latest line. The job of a model is different in both of these cases – a photography model would often be required to pose in various poses and backgrounds over the course of one shooting session, while a fashion model would typically walk on a stage and display the clothes they’re representing in their current show. Some models choose to engage in both types of modeling, and the well-developed industry certainly gives plenty of room for that.

To become a model, one doesn’t usually need any special qualifications – the most important asset that’s judged is the candidate’s appearance. A model must have a well-developed, slim body and a well-groomed appearance. Of course, some good genes are necessary as well, and natural beauty is actually one of the most important factors that can attribute to a model’s success. Confidence and the ability to adapt to new styles with ease are also very beneficial.

It’s not very easy to specify an annual salary for a model, as the job tends to pay quite variably, depending on the fame and status of the model in question. In general, most models who’re starting out can earn between $30,000 – $40,000 a year if they look good enough, and those who climb to the top of the career ladder can easily see hundreds of thousands of income per year, though getting there certainly takes a lot of effort and dedication, which many people aren’t willing to put in.