Musical instrument repairmen are professionals who specialize in working with musical instruments and performing repair and maintenance on them. A musical instrument repairman may either specialize in one or several types of instruments (e.g. only repairing violins or guitars), or work with a wide variety of instruments, as is the more common case. Musical instrument repairmen usually work from their own shops, which may be attached to a musical school or another place where musicians frequently gather and may open a lot of business for the repairman.

Working as s musical instrument repairman requires mostly technical skills which can be learned with experience, or by taking apprenticeships – the latter version is actually the more common one among musical instrument repairmen. Even though apprenticeships for the job do exist, many repairmen are willing to take newcomers in their shops and teaching them the specifics of the job as they progress, instead of requiring any educational credentials from them.

The job of a musical instrument repairman pays moderately well, with a salary of between $20,000 – $40,000 being the most common. It mostly depends on the local market, as some places simply don’t have musicians requiring repairs frequently enough to warrant a constant stream of clients for the repairman. This is usually the reason they locate their shops close to musical schools and other places as described above, though it’s not always a guarantee for improved business.