An R&B musician, as the title implies, is a type of musician who specializes in performing R&B (short for Rhythm & Blues) music. Typically, this style puts an equal emphasis on both the instrumental as well as lyrical performance, making it an open scene to performers from all kinds of backgrounds. Most R&B musicians work in at least some way with lyrics, and they’re often parts of bands though that’s not completely necessary given the specifics of R&B music.

Becoming an R&B musician and actually gaining fame in the scene can be a challenging feat, and usually involves showing interest in the music from an early age. Many R&B musicians have started out in their youngest years, usually being interested in the performance of various other performers and drawing inspiration from their works. It’s not uncommon for R&B musicians to try to follow the steps of their favorite performers, and this usually leads to some specific trends in the development of the music.

It’s not easy to specify an average salary for an R&B musician – as with most other jobs in the entertainment sector, the pay rate varies depending on the musician’s success. Those who’re just starting out in the industry can usually earn around $20,000 – $45,000 in most cases, while the really successful ones who manage to realize lots of good contracts ultimately see a much better payment as well. The job can be highly rewarding too, according to personal accounts, and its popularity has been constantly on the rise lately.