A counter clerk works at a store, providing customers with assistance in the checkout process. The counter clerk is normally responsible for accepting customers’ payment, providing them with their products, as well as offering minor technical assistance for them. Additionally, the counter clerk is tasked with arranging the merchandise for display, assisting customers in their purchases, and providing a helpful opinion on their choices. Counter clerks frequently perform additional tasks related to the store’s operations as well, such as cleaning and replacing price tags.

Becoming a counter clerk is easy, and since the job doesn’t offer many prospects for career development, it’s seen by most as a temporary, stepping stone-type job to provide a source of income for the employee for the time being. There are no educational requirements beside a high school degree, and most of the important skills are taught directly on the job. A friendly personality and energetic spirit are usually very beneficial for candidates, as well as good communication skills.

Counter clerks are generally paid low, and are among the lowest-paid employees at a store. The annual salary for the job goes between $23,000 and $30,000, and some clerks who’ve remained employed for longer periods of time are usually able to earn more, though the annual salary rarely goes over $40,000 even at more prestigious stores. There’s a distinct lack of benefit programs as well, making the job an even less attractive ones, though as was mentioned above it’s rarely seen as a permanent job, and more often as a stepping stone towards more gainful employment.