An interviewer works for companies that frequently have to review newcoming candidates for positions at them. The job of the interviewer is to assess a candidate and determine how eligible they are for working at that particular company. This is normally done through a conversation in which the interviewer would ask a series of prepared questions to the potential employee, aimed at determining their most important characteristics related to working the job they’re applying for. Sometimes, an interviewer will also have to verify a candidate’s credentials and perform additional work to analyze their abilities.

Being a good interviewer is mostly about social skills. A good interviewer must know the right questions to ask, in order to extract the most important information from the candidate without letting them know their specific thoughts and intentions. The interviewer must have a friendly personality, yet be able to persuade easily, in order to be able to push a conversation in the direction that’s right for them.

Interviewers earn an annual salary of between $23,000 – $47,000, and most state that the job is moderately well-paid with regards to the workload imposed on them. One of the most frequent complaints are the long working hours, often with very little breaks, common in periods when companies are actively hiring and a lot of interviews need to be conducted. In these cases, the job can get quite hectic and the payment can be seen as not enough to justify the effort required.