An occupational health and safety technician’s job is mostly similar to that of an occupational health and safety specialists, though there are some core differences in the duties attached to both jobs. The technician in this particular case is more concerned with (as the name implies) the technical aspect of the safety measurements – i.e. are all the electronics governing the alarm systems working properly, has all the wiring been configured correctly, etc. Additionally, occupational health and safety technicians may provide direct technical assistance when the problem is a matter of a small adjustment.

Getting hired as an occupational health and safety technician usually requires obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in the appropriate field, and many universities and colleges offer specialized educational courses for the job. Additionally, knowledge of common safety routines and procedures, as well as good knowledge of electronics and electrical installations is usually beneficial, as the job involves lots of work with such devices as mentioned above.

An occupational health and safety technician can earn more or less well compared to other positions in the same sector – the job has an average annual salary of between $38,000 – $46,000, and it tends to offer good working conditions and development prospects. One of the negative aspects of the job are its working hours, which can sometimes extend beyond the initial agreement and somewhat degrade the quality of the particular spot. Still, it serves as a very good source of income for the effort involved in most cases.