An office clerk is a clerk employed by any type of company that works in an office – the job of an office clerk is mostly similar to other clerk positions, with duties related to performing basic services within the office. An office clerk would typically be responsible for the filing and organization of the company’s documents, providing basic quick communication between employees when necessary, moving items around, as well as doing any other small tasks that may be required by the team working in that office.

Getting a job as an office clerk is mostly easy and doesn’t take a high degree of education. An office clerk needs to have a good sense of organization, and be able to work with large amounts of information efficiently, especially when there’s a lot of filing and future referencing going on at their job. Good filing clerks are usually able to build up quite solid positions within their companies, and are sometimes even able to receive promotions to higher positions within the office, though their choices are usually limited without a high degree of education.

The salary of the clerk at any office isn’t that high compared to that of most other employees at the same office – it typically ranges between $19,000 – $31,000, and the job often has a lot of demands attached to it and can be very exhausting for some of its practitioners. On the other hand, it can also be a very good stepping stone towards better positions in the same office, and in general can offer good prospects for future development of one’s career.