An office machine repairer, as the title implies, works in office workplaces and provides repair and maintenance services for the various machines used in that office. Sometimes the office machine repairer would work on their own (or for a separate company) servicing multiple companies and their machinery. The specific duties that an office machine repairer performs frequently include fixing fax machines and printers, performing basic repairs to computers and other electronic devices.

A job as an office machine repairer isn’t difficult to obtain, especially with some background in repairing or manufacturing electronics. A good sense of working with electronic devices in general is required, and the job can also take a lot of dedication in some cases (as some companies may require their repairs to be performed in short durations due to the sensitive nature of their businesses). Additionally, office machine repairers may benefit from a degree related to the job, though that’s usually seen as being overqualified.

As an office machine repairer, the average salary of a person can range between $31,000 – $59,000 in the most popular cases. The job isn’t that demanding effort-wise with regards to most of the positions on the market – in most cases, the most difficult tasks arise when hardware maintenance needs to be done, and these assignments usually pay higher than the regular ones, too. Additionally, office machine repairers usually have good perks attached to their jobs.