An order filler works for a company that provides a service or sells products to customers, and communicates with that company’s clients (usually over the phone or the Internet) to take their orders and fill them into the company’s database so they can be processed further. An order filler normally works by asking the client for their desired product’s catalog number, the address and phone number for the recipient, as well as any other important details related to the order, and then submitting it to the processing sector of the company so that it can be shipped out accordingly.

Getting hired as an order filler usually only takes a high school diploma, and no prior working experience in a related position. However, the job requires good communicative skills, the ability to type or write fast, as well as good communication with the other sectors of the company to ensure all the orders are handled accordingly. Also, an order filler can greatly benefit from knowing the particular environment of the company they’re working for.

Order fillers earn a bit less than order clerks since their duties are more tightly limited as well, though this is compensated by the lower amount of work required from order clerks in most cases. The annual salary for one ranges between $23,000 – $38,000, and the position doesn’t have many (in some cases, any) benefits attached to it, which can make it an unattractive choice in many cases. On the other hand, the job can also provide a good auxiliary source of income.