A network administrator is an IT expert who specializes in working with computer networks. Network administrators are commonly employed by companies of all sizes where they service the company’s internal networks, as well as Internet service providers, where they work with the company’s clients or internal structures. The duties of a network administrator include managing the network routers and other hardware, configuring devices to comply with the network’s settings, as well as providing technical assistance to customers who request it.

Getting a job as a network administrator may or may not require a Bachelor’s degree, depending on the company in question. In some cases, simply showing enough knowledge in computer networks can be enough to get the job, while in other cases candidates will not only need a degree in either computer or communications engineering, but also various other extra certificates, such as the CISCO one. In general, a network administrator’s experience is their primary asset and the most important factor about their performance.

As a network administrator, an annual salary of between $38,000 – $55,000 is the most common. The job has some unpleasant details surrounding it, such as long working hours and the need to cope with problems on a regular basis, especially in more complex large-scale networks. Additionally, the network administrator is sometimes required to perform services similar to that of support staff, which can further make it an unpleasant and demanding job.