A concrete finisher works in the construction industry, performing final operations on a concrete-based structure. A concrete finisher’s duties include a broad spectrum of operations – their primary job is to apply finishing touches to concrete operations, such as leveling edges and performing a final check on the construction. A concrete finisher is usually also tasked with quality inspection, overseeing the work of other concrete workers and verifying the stability of the structure upon completion. Despite the name of the job, concrete finishers are sometimes tasked with preparing the structure for working with concrete, such as applying water.

A concrete finisher’s job requirements are similar to those of other construction workers – no type of degree is required and the primary deciding factors are experience and physical fitness. A concrete finisher learns most of their skills directly on the job, similarly to other construction workers, and the number of years one has accumulated on the job is usually directly proportional to their chances of career development.

Concrete finishers are paid comparatively high with consideration of other construction workers, and the amount of labor involved in the job. The annual salary for concrete finishers spans between $32,000 – $61,000, and experience can easily open up the way to even higher salaries in some areas. A very unattractive factor about the job are the low medical benefits and their general lack of availability, as most companies are reluctant to paying highly for this. Again, this varies from company to company and some offer the exact opposite.