An insulation worker works for a company that provides insulation services, and performs the most basic duties related to the installation and maintenance procedures of the company’s products. The job typically involves installing new insulation for clients, performing repairs and quality check-ups on previous installations, and preparing the materials necessary for installing new insulation at a location. There are various types of insulation used in the modern industry, and many companies nowadays choose to work with most, and in some cases all of them, so it’s important for a good insulation worker to be familiar with the changing trends of the market.

The job is mostly related to manual labor and doesn’t hold any high educational requirements by default – a high school diploma would be enough to get hired in most cases. Most of the skills required for performing the job are learned in the course of employment, and some companies offer additional training for newcomers to acquaint them with the job’s specifics before letting them work on actual projects.

An insulation worker, being mostly a manual laborer in the most basic nature of the job, earns between $23,000 – $45,000 on average. The median salary for 2009 was $34,000 which was a slight increase since previous years when the salary was on a trend of decreasing, and additionally the conditions for the job have been improving recently as well – and it’s quickly becoming one of the most sought-after labor-related positions in the market today.