A plumber is a professional worker who specializes in fixing problems and performing general maintenance on the water installations at both residential and commercial households. The job typically involves disassembling a part of the pipe network in order to change a pipe or another element, performing a check-up to ensure everything is in order, and then putting everything back together and restoring the water flow. Sometimes plumbers are called in emergency situations such as a leaking pipe causing a flood in a person’s apartment.

Becoming a plumber takes some specific knowledge which is best learned at training courses or apprenticeships. Very rarely, plumbers can get the job without any such qualifications and learn everything important in the course of employment. Even though this is possible, most companies still prefer to hire plumbers with at least some degree of expertise, in order to ensure their quality of work. Plumbers with high experience are usually highly sought after and very popular among customers, enjoying good employment.

Plumbers can earn from moderately to quite well, depending primarily on the place of employment. In general, a plumber is able to secure a salary of between $25,000 – $65,000, and the specific number changes with the level of expertise the plumber has – those with more experience and knowledge of course are able to reap in larger salaries, plus they tend to enjoy better employment in general. However, some areas aren’t as lucrative for the job of a plumber and pay less.