The construction superintendent functions as a sort of manager to a construction operation, overseeing that it goes as planned, and reporting back to the contractor on a daily/weekly basis with detailed progress reports. One of the tasks the construction superintendent is given is to ensure that the project is executed within a timely manner – which usually leaves all the schedule planning in the hands of the superintendent. This also puts some extra responsibilities on the person doing the job though, such as coordinating all the workers properly and ensuring that they stick to schedule.

Becoming a construction superintendent normally doesn’t require previous working experience in the field of construction, though it can sometimes be of benefit to candidates. On the other hand, a degree in either management or a construction-related field are seen as a huge plus by potential employers, and most construction superintendents arrive at the job with at least a Bachelor’s in those areas. The job market is notoriously tough as of lately, too, and finding a job as a construction superintendent can prove to be somewhat challenging without proper qualifications.
A construction superintendent generally earns less than construction managers for the same projects, and the annual salary for the job ranges between $55,000 – $91,000. Construction superintendents usually receive bonuses for timely completion of their allocated projects, and this can additionally influence one’s salary on the job – though it rarely goes over $110,000/year, even in the better cases.