Adult Literacy Teachers are teachers who cater to adults, providing them reading and writing instruction. Their job duties include setting objectives for students, guiding and tracking their progress, and developing lesson plans and teaching aids. Adult literacy teachers may also prepare and implement remedial programs for students who need extra help, enforce administration policies, review instructional content, collaborate with other teachers and professionals to the develop instructional programs, and train volunteers.

To be an adult literacy teacher, one must be proficient in the English language or in the language being taught, have background and knowledge in educational training and psychology, good with customer and personal service, and knows basic clerical work. He or she must also be good in Reading Comprehension, Speaking, Active Listening,

Writing, and Coordination. Adult literacy teachers also need a lot of patience and understanding to work well with different types of students. Students may be school dropouts or immigrants that are challenging to communicate with due to cultural and language barriers.

In terms of education, one must get a GED credential and at least be a high school graduate. Most adult literacy teachers have a bachelor’s degree in Education or a master’s degree. Having better educational background opens more opportunities. Relevant courses include adult education administration, curriculum development, and adult psychology. Some states require licensure for adult literacy teachers.

Job opportunities for adult literacy teachers are projected to continually increase as more people retire, as more people embrace lifelong learning, and because of immigration. The average salary for adult literacy teachers is $44,710.