Math teachers work in elementary and high schools, and teach the various aspects of mathematics to students. Maths is a persistent subject throughout the entire curriculum of students in most parts of the world, and some math teachers specialize in particular areas of the subject, which they teach to a selected range of grades. On the other hand, a math teacher could also choose to teach to a wider range of students, spanning over all of the available grades in their educational system.

Becoming a math teacher is different depending on the specialization one seeks. It can be as simple as applying for the job and displaying sufficient knowledge in general mathematics – something which is common for smaller schools seeking teachers for the first grades – but it can also require a Bachelor’s or even Master’s degree in mathematics, especially in some more renowned schools which value the skills of their employees greatly. Generally, it pays to inform oneself before applying for the job in order to avoid any mishaps.

A math teacher earns in accordance with most other teaching professions, with a salary ranging between $51,000 – $69,000 in most cases. Typically, the working hours for a math teacher would be about as flexible as those for other teachers – which is to say, not that much. Additionally, there aren’t many bonuses commonly attached to the position, though math teachers can earn considerably well through private tutition and other means.