A politics teacher is a type of teacher employed by colleges and universities, who specializes in the field of politics. The subject isn’t taught in high schools typically, so the level of education offered by politics teachers in most cases is of a high degree. Politics teachers are concerned with the basic aspects of politics and some of the more basic levels of economics, as well as the way different governments operate and interact between each other. Politics teachers commonly have good knowledge in history as well.

Becoming a politics teacher takes at least a Master’s degree in the subject – and most universities would refuse to hire candidates with anything less than a Doctorate. The reason for this, as we mentioned above, lies in the higher level of education commonly expected from a politics teacher due to the environment they work in. On the other hand, the job is seen as highly rewarding by some of those who practice it, who also claim it offers good benefits for further career development and is satisfying in general.

A politics teacher’s salary is mostly in line with the salary of other teachers in the same college or university, and is typically between $40,000 – $55,000. Some of the perks associated with the job are its flexible working hours (even though they should be decided on in advance, they still offer a lot of room for adjustment) as well as the prospects for future career development. Additionally, the job tends to offer a lot in terms of a sense of reward according to most accounts.