A preschool teacher is a teacher who works with children in a preschool age. This is a more special form of education, as it aims to provide children with the basic foundations which they’ll need for studying in school later on, and give them a good sense of how education works and how they can work to achieve their goals. Preschool teachers teach subjects like basic mathematics and spelling, reading and in some cases drawing and music. The job of a preschool teacher also commonly includes taking care of the children in some basic ways.

Getting hired as a preschool teacher isn’t difficult in most cases, as the job doesn’t have any high educational requirements. A high school diploma is mostly enough for getting the job, and some schools may require their candidates to have excellent marks on the specific subject they’ll be teaching to the children. Additionally, a good preschool teacher must have a friendly personality and a knack for working with children in general, as the job can be more demanding than that of a regular high school teacher in many cases.

A preschool teacher stands to earn between $20,000 – $30,000 in most cases, affected mostly by the number of students they’re responsible for. The job isn’t really stressful in most cases, provided that the teacher knows how to handle students properly – and it also offers good prospects for advancing in one’s career and climbing to better rewarding positions (along with obtaining the proper education for them though).