A professor is the title given to teachers at universities. Usually, a professor is one of the highest authorities on their subject. The job of a professor is quite different from that of a regular teacher – while a teacher only works to teach their subject to students, a professor is also concerned with developing the science they work in and bringing in new knowledge which could benefit everyone. This makes the job highly attractive to some, but not so much to others who prefer to concentrate their efforts on teaching.

In order to become a professor, one must typically attain the highest available degree in their respective subject – for example, a professor in mathematics would need a Doctorate in that science in order to gain their job. Additionally, a good professor must be skilled as a teacher – a requirement which a surprisingly large portion of candidates fail to meet and which is required to ensure that the professor is able to transmit their knowledge to their students and not just develop the science by themselves.

The salary for a professor is usually high – between $55,000 – $110,000 per year in most cases. Professors traditionally put a lot of effort into their work, which justifies the higher compensation they receive for it as well – and additionally, many professors are able to secure even higher income for themselves, thanks to the various additional projects and research deals they get into, which allow them to earn even more than they do from their regular jobs.