A social studies teacher is a type of teacher concerned with social studies and educating students about proper and expected social behavior, as well as adjusting them to better fit in today’s social environment. The subject of social studies can be found in all grades of the curriculum in some places of the world, and in some cases it’s incorporated into another similar subject, such as history or geography. Social studies teachers are somewhat different from other types of teachers, as they’re expected to have a direct impact on students’ behavior through their teaching.

Every social studies teacher needs at least a Bachelor’s degree in the subject to qualify for teaching, in addition to a specialized teaching license. Various personal characteristics are sought after as well, such as the ability to effectively communicate with students and understand their problems, and provide them with the assistance they need to cope with studies – features commonly sought from teachers for various positions.

Like most other teachers, social studies teachers receive an average salary. The typical annual pay rate for the job is $32,000 – $55,000, mostly influenced by the school employing the teacher as well as their qualifications – more renowned teachers tend to be better paid, understandably. It can be a bit challenging to reach the higher ends of the pay scale though, and as most have expressed, the particular job of a social studies teacher can be a bit difficult to progress in, though it’s certainly rewarding at the higher levels.