A vocational education teacher is a special type of teacher who’s not skilled in a particular school subject but a skill-based trade or job, which can vary greatly – for example, common types of vocational teaching subjects include cosmetology, arts, repairs, plumbing and others. The job is, in general, quite varied in the way it’s practiced as this mostly depends on the subject one has chosen to teach in – it should be noted that not every type of trade job is applicable for a vocational teacher’s position, though.

Vocational teachers have varying educational requirements for their jobs, but in most cases it requires a Bachelor’s degree related to the subject they’re teaching, as well as a set number of years of working experience on a position where they’ve practiced those specific skills. Some schools or educational systems may impose additional requirements on candidates, but these are the most common ones and have become somewhat of a standard in recent times.

A vocational teacher’s job can be moderately well-paying, depending mostly on where one is employed at – in most cases, the salary would range between $31,000 – $49,000, and it’s not uncommon for vocational teachers to receive various additional benefits for putting in extra effort towards the job and displaying a higher level of aptitude overall. A good vocational teacher should have no problems trying to secure further employment, though this can depend on their particular skills and knowledge – e.g. those who practice a more popular profession would typically get picked up easier.