The job of a woodshop teacher takes place in schools’ workshops, educating students on how to work with wood and craft it into various useful items, as well as decorative ones. Woodshop is typically a specialized class that’s not taught in every school, and is sometimes only found in the curriculum of special trade schools. In some other places of the world, the discipline is actually quite popular and can be found in most schools around the country. Woodshop teachers usually work closely with their students, advising them on safety procedures and the tricks of the trade.

Getting hired as a woodshop teacher is a bit less demanding than getting hired as a regular teacher for the most part, as the job doesn’t have such strict educational requirements – in most cases, one just needs the proper working background to show, e.g. prior working history related to working in a woodshop, or a similar position. Additionally, some woodshop teachers can get the job through simply obtaining an appropriate license which certifies their skills.

A woodshop teacher would usually earn between $30,000 – $38,000 a year, depending mostly on the school that employs them. It should be noted that this salary is often lower than the average salaries paid out to standard teachers, though on the other hand woodshop teachers have different duties attached to their jobs, which justify the slightly lower salary. A good woodshop teacher can easily progress in their employment and get paid better though.