Writing teachers are found in elementary schools, where they teach students the basic skills behind writing. The job of a writing teacher is sometimes found in the later grades when it concerns a special education school or remedial studies, though otherwise it’s only common in the first few grades of any educational system. Writing teachers commonly have to start from scratch, teaching students how to write out single letters at first, then progressing onto words, sentences and finally complete texts.

A writing teacher would usually need a Bachelor’s degree to get hired, though some small-sized schools may even omit that as a requirement. Usually, the job requirements for a writing teacher are less strict than those for regular teachers, though it can still be quite difficult to obtain the job in some schools, as the demand is also appropriately high. Writing teachers don’t commonly have many prospects for furthering their careers due to the limited skillset attached.

Writing teachers are paid mostly in line with other types of teachers, though in some cases the salary could be a bit lower than the market average. This is explainable by the lower skill requirements attached to a writing teacher’s job, though on the other hand some schools are willing to compensate their writing teachers significantly higher than the established market average. It’s one of the jobs where proper market research can make the difference between finding the perfect employment and finding one that is so-so.