A claims examiner works at an insurance company, verifying incoming claims and making sure they’re eligible for payment. Their job is similar to that of a claims adjuster, with the main difference being that a claims adjuster works directly at the scene of the incident, examining the circumstances and talking to the people involved; while a claims examiner deals with the documentation aspect of a claim, looking for discrepancies and pieces of information that don’t match the ones provided by the client.

A claims examiner will usually need a Bachelor’s degree to get hired, though it’s not always a strict requirement – sometimes, several years of college and having taken the appropriate courses (mathematics, economics, law) will also be sufficient for employment. A claims examiner must be able to analyze large amounts of data and organize them to make them more accessible for direct reading; additionally, claims examiners must be good in working with financial statements and other types of documentation involved in an insurance claim.

Claims examiners are moderately well-compensated compared to other workers in the insurance industry. The annual salary for a claims examiner ranges between $33,000 and $44,000 – which is slightly lower than that of claims appraisers and adjusters, but still higher than most of the other clerks working in the insurance company. A large number of successfully prevented frauds can attribute to a claims examiner’s salary greatly, and companies usually offer various bonuses as additional incentive for being more watchful.