A real estate broker’s job is similar to that of a real estate agent, though the broker is more closely concerned with the actual process of real estate transactions performed by the company and not that much with the client service aspect of it. With that in mind, a real estate broker is usually tasked with searching for good deals on the market, sorting them according to various criteria, and picking the best ones with regards to the client’s current conditions and other terms that can play a role.

Getting hired as a real estate broker, again similarly to a real estate agent, doesn’t require a high degree of education and the job can be attained with just a high school diploma. However, having a Bachelor’s degree in a field like economics or finances can be very beneficial in one’s search for a job in this area. A good real estate broker must also have excellent knowledge of the real estate market and the ability to bargain for good deals and better conditions, in order to leave their clients satisfied.

Real estate brokers earn between $40,000 – $104,000 a year, which is mainly influenced by how much work the broker sees on average, as well as the quality of their services – good real estate brokers usually manage to build stable reputations which allow them to earn a good flow of income, while on the other hand real estate brokers who don’t cope with the market very well usually become known for that as well and tend to not earn very highly.