A gym class instructor works with the students enrolled in a particular physical exercise class, either at a school or at a private company that provides a training service. The job of the gym class instructor is to oversee the execution of the various exercises required from the candidates, assist them whenever needed, and teach them how to improve their technique and performance overall. Gym class instructors may sometimes work in teams, when the size of the class is too large to be handled by a single worker. They can often be assigned to a particular student to provide a more personal approach, when it’s decided that the student in question needs extra attention to make proper progress.

To get a job as a gym class instructor, candidates must possess excellent physical fitness and optionally, knowledge in a particular sport or type of physical exercise. The latter is especially beneficial for those wishing to work in training studios, where they’ll be required to be well-acquainted with the sport in question. Additionally, a good gym class instructor must have a friendly, helpful personality, always eager to assist customers with their problems.

Gym glass instructors tend to enjoy relatively good salaries, with the median for 2009 being $25,000. While it may not seem like a large number in itself, one should keep in mind that the job offers some very flexible working hours and generally good conditions, plus a lot of potential for further career advancement, so it can be seen as an excellent auxiliary job for many people.