A gym receptionist works at a gym or another place that offers physical training as a service, and their primary duty is to interact with the clients, work out their payment and any other important details – as well as assist customers who may need it. The gym receptionist is usually the first person a newcomer to the establishment would talk to, and they’re responsible for greeting them and informing them of any current promotions or interesting offers that may be of benefit to the client. Additionally, they’d set up a training schedule and optionally assign a personal instructor to the clients who request it.

Becoming a gym receptionist requires a high school diploma, as well as a friendly and helpful personality. It’s important to be aware of any trends related to weight loss and/or muscle gain, in order to be able to provide an accurate assessment and assist customers properly throughout their workout routines. A good gym receptionist must also look in top physical shape, as this gives a better impression of the gym to any customers arriving to it.

As a gym receptionist, one can earn between $29,000 – $36,000 a year. The job is comparatively easy and smooth-going, with very little direct responsibilities imposed over those practicing it. However, the working hours can be slightly longer than one would expect in many cases, which can make the job a very unattractive choice if the amount of hours leads to a bad hourly pay rate.