A physical education teacher is a type of teacher who trains students in physical activities and sports. PE teachers usually work in the school’s stadium, or if it doesn’t have one, the back yard. The duties of a PE teacher is to provide adequate physical training to students – nothing too demanding, just enough to keep them in good shape. This normally includes organizing sports events, helping students interested in professional sports careers pick the right paths, as well as assist students in their exercises in class in general.

Getting a job as a physical education teacher typically requires some sort of sports background, and having a background actually teaching sports is even more of a benefit in most cases. A good PE teacher must be fit and understanding, able to assist students with their problems accordingly. Also, PE teachers should have good connections in professional sports as a whole, in order to be of use to students wishing to pursue a career in that field.

Physical education teachers earn more or less in line with other positions in teaching – with an average annual salary of between $32,000 – $51,000, the job is a moderately well-paying one, and according to most accounts it’s highly rewarding as well. Most PE teachers are able to build up good career profiles throughout their employment, and are usually able to easily secure future employment in other, more renowned schools without much effort. The job also offers a potential for getting into the professional sports world as a trainer.