A mail processor works for the mail service, and serves various clerk-related duties there, mostly related to the sorting and organization of incoming and outgoing mail. A mail processor would typically start by unloading a newly-arrived batch of letters, and afterwards start sorting them based on various criteria. Additionally, the mail processor is responsible for spotting any errors on the letters, as well as distribute inappropriate packages to their predesignated locations. Additionally, the mail processor has to perform some low-level maintenance on the machinery involved, such as removing obstructions in the tubes.

The job of a mail processor doesn’t require any particular skills and is thus easy to earn – in general, a high school diploma would be enough to get hired as a mail processor. Some personal traits and skills that are important are the ability to work swiftly, as well as good multitasking skills. Furthermore, mail processors must be observant and able to spot errors and irregularities with ease.

A mail processor will typically earn less than a mail processing machine operator, with an average annual salary of between $24,000 – $36,000. This is due to the fact that a mail processor’s job is less complicated and normally involves less extra duties than that of a mail processing machine operator. Furthermore, mail processors tend to have their jobs a bit easier, as they don’t have to deal with any issues related to the operation of the machine in most cases (with some exceptions).