A recyclable material collector works for the government or state, working to secure various recyclable materials and transport them to an appropriate location for recycling or long-term storage. Recyclable material collectors typically work on trucks, driving around the city and collecting materials from dumpsters, and then escorting them to an appropriate recycling facility. Recyclable material collectors may also have to perform some arranging on the materials in order to separate them into appropriate containers.

There aren’t any educational requirements attached to the job of a recyclable material collector – a high school diploma is all one needs to get a job as one. In some cases, a driver’s license may be required as well, though this depends on the specifics of the job (as some companies have dedicated drivers and other operators on the trucks that work for them). Knowledge of the different types of materials being collected is beneficial, as it allows for a better performance at the job.

Even though the job of a recyclable material collector isn’t a very challenging or demanding one, it can still pay moderately well at the right place of employment – the average annual salary typically ranges between $25,000 – $45,000, and those who’re also qualified for driving the trucks used to transport materials tend to be in the higher ends of the pay scale. A recyclable material collector can also earn a variety of bonuses and additional benefits, making the job a further attractive choice for low-skilled workers.