SWAT policemen are police officers assigned to the highly specialized SWAT units, which stands for Special Weapons And Tactics. SWAT teams are deployed in situations regular police officers are too inexperienced to handle, such as hostage situations and other terrorist threats, serving high-risk warrants, and other similar activities. A typical SWAT team is small, comprising of 3-4 officers, who’re highly trained in using specialized weapons and tactics to achieve their objectives while minimizing casualties.

Getting a job as a SWAT policeman usually involves serving as a regular police officer for some time, and receiving specialized training before being allowed on an actual SWAT team. Good SWAT policemen must be extremely well-trained, physically fit and mentally alert at all times, and have excellent communications skills and the ability to work well as a team. SWAT policemen are usually faced with great threats and must be cautious and self-preserving as well, working to help the team as a whole.

A SWAT policeman’s salary is typically adjusted related to the salaries of other officers in the same department. A SWAT policeman can typically earn between $43,000 – $95,000, depending on their rank – captains earn the highest salary, understandably. A good SWAT policeman can very quickly progress in their position, and those who’re really talented may find themselves receiving job offers from other departments, such as special forces or another similar division looking for specialists.