A tax collector is a type of government representative who’s primarily tasked with the duty of tax collection. The job of a tax collector involves a variety of specific tasks – but mostly, a tax collector must investigate individual cases of citizens who’ve been late on their taxes, trying to figure out if there’s been anything stated wrong on a tax report, and seeking retribution whenever someone has done wrong in their tax reports. Tax collectors typically have a very demanding and exhausting job.

Working as a tax collector takes at least a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to finances, though some employers are also willing to hire candidates with just a high school diploma, who have enough experience working a position related to finances in some way. A tax collector usually has good opportunities for further career development, and it’s one of the most popular jobs in the financial sector for this very reason, opening up numerous spots every year.

As a tax collector, one has the potential to earn $32,000 – $56,000 a year. The job can offer access to various additional bonuses and benefits, and can provide a good prospect for developing one’s career further. Additionally, tax collectors tend to build strong connections in the period of their employment, which allow them to very easily climb up the professional ladder later on and secure even more lucrative employment. All in all, a tax collector’s job can be very rewarding in the right circumstances and with the proper qualifications.