A hematologist is a physician who specializes in the treatment of various disorders related to the blood. This includes a wide range of diseases and conditions, and the job is generally regarded to be a highly demanding one compared to other types of jobs in the medical field – though on the other hand, it’s also seen as very rewarding. Hematologists frequently work with patients suffering from anemia, cell diseases, as well as some specific types of cancer. They take part in the complete treatment process, from evaluation and diagnosis to prescribing and overseeing the treatment course for the patient.

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Becoming a hematologist is more demanding than it is for most other medicine-related jobs. In general, candidates must complete the standard medical training course, after which they need to complete a specialized degree in hematology. It’s not uncommon for hematologists to specialize even more tightly, such as choosing to focus on children and their blood-related problems – in these cases, taking further courses is required.

The job may be more difficult to attain than those of other medical specialists, however it also comes with higher average payment as well. In general hematologists can look forward to an annual salary of between $235,000 – $390,000, and the numbers tend to grow very rapidly as one gains experience. Furthermore, the job is commonly regarded as more interesting and varied than those of other physicians, which also adds to its appeal in the medical world, making it one of the most popular choices.