A licensed practical nurse is a type of nurse who has undergone a specialized training course and works at hospitals, clinics and other health institutions to provide a basic treatment service to patients. The job often involves things like caring for the patients’ hygiene and their basic needs, aiding them in their movement, as well as helping them in post-operational recovery procedures. Licensed practical nurses are sometimes required to work outside of the hospital as well, taking care for patients in their homes.

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Becoming a licensed practical nurse follows mostly the same path as getting a job as a licensed vocational nurse, and in fact most of the difference comes from the naming of the two titles – with the specific requirements being the same in both cases. Still, some states may not recognize the title of a licensed practical nurse and may require a license as a vocational nurse to be presented by candidates. A good nurse must have a kind personality and be able to quickly assist patients in their needs.

The salary of a licensed practical nurse goes between $31,000 – $43,000, and is mostly affected by the hospital that employs the nurse. In some cases, extra compensation may be provided for working off-site, such as servicing a patient in their home. Additionally, some hospitals may charge their nurses with extra tasks which can be compensated separately, and in some cases make the job an actually attractive choice.