A medical transcriptionist works for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, providing transcribing services related to the operation of that facility. For example, a medical transcriptionist could be hired to write a transcription of the recording taken during an operation or conference, which can be used for future reference. The medical transcriptionist must decide which parts of the information are important enough to be included in the final transcription, and modify the material overall to ensure it flows smoothly even with those modifications in place.

Medical transcriptionists usually find their jobs with just a high school diploma, though some companies may require previous working experience as a transcriptionist in another environment, on the other hand. Excellent typing skills are an absolute must for a good medical transcriptionist, as is the ability to follow recorded conversations easily and coherently, and be able to transcribe them with ease. Usually, courses for the improvement of those skills are offered in various places.

The job of a medical transcriptionist doesn’t pay very highly, with the annual salary ranging between $23,000 – $38,000 in most cases. There’s a problem related to that, in the fact that the job has somewhat high qualificational requirements compared to the salary employees are getting for the most part – acquiring the typist skills necessary to do the job well isn’t easy and can take quite a lot of time and dedication in some cases. On the other hand, working hours are usually flexible and the job is rather easy-going for the most part.