A physical therapist assistant is similar to a physical therapist aide in their functions, though their job is more closely related to the management of the therapist’s schedule and client roll. Typically, a physical therapist assistant will organize the time schedule of the therapist, ensuring that all the patients are allocated sufficient slots within it, and organizing it in such a manner that is most effective for the therapist in terms of travel and other costs. Additionally, physical therapist assistants may provide some basic helping services in the course of treatment of patients.

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Getting a job as a physical therapist assistant requires some basic skills which can be learned in the course of employment, and many physical therapists are willing to hire inexperienced candidates on the grounds of teaching them the basics of the job in the first few weeks. Normally, most physical therapist assistants would also have to have some previous working experience related to physical therapy, such as in a hospital or clinic.

The assistant of a physical therapist commonly has a better earning potential than the therapist’s aides, able to secure a salary between $35,000 – $55,000 a year depending on the circumstances. In some cases, a physical therapist assistant would be able to make almost as much as the physical therapist him/herself, though this depends entirely on the circumstances and isn’t applicable to every case out there – though of course, it pays to know.